Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Cold Snap & Caley

BRRRrrrrrr... I hear people say "To cold for me outside", yep it's been like that for a while but the point comes where you have to brave the cold and embrace the friction and get out onto the Real Thing, Sound track for this blog post... The Grit.

Brimham was the first place in this cold last Saturday, the air temperature was low and I was high. We, I had two 12 year olds in tow, did a few warm up. Well at least I did while they buggered off and came back asking how long before they could return to the fecking God dam Xbox.

Then I wondered off to take a look at The Titfield Thunderbolt, been trying it for a while. But it was a little too cold, numb fingers and the motivation was a little low. So I thought a quick look at Green Arete, I knew it was a tough for 6c, it has kicked me off a few times. However the good friction combined with the idea of getting my feet high to start paid off and the top was mine in a little more than 6 goes.

Down below I could hear the boys getting into trouble near the frozen pond over the fence, all along I had heard clattering on the ice, boys will be boys. As I watched I became aware of the Nidderdale view diminishing, a wave of snow was coming down the dale. We wondered off toward Cleft Butress but soon realised the snow was getting heavier. Cutting down to the lower track and heading towards the car park we passed Jokers Wall. There two intrepid men were donning their boots, I wonder how long they stayed?

Caley was the second outing this week, an afternoon off for my daughters GCSE options meeting at 4pm. That left two hours at Caley. I'll be honest ambitions were high, The Horn Left Hand was the priority but after warming up and getting on it I soon learned that this is the coldest boulder in the world, probably even colder than Bridlington sea front! So I thought at least I could have a quick go on Mr.Smooth and quick it was. Straight up, though the slab got sketchy with snow and ice littering it. But things got worse on the decent, flat on my arse then slipping back down to the mat. Excuse the flies;

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