Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bit of a 'Random' week.

Bit of a random week, but done quite a lot and not, does that make any sense, no.

A few more lunchtime trips to West Chevin boulderers, it's becoming quite a habit.
Sam and I have been trying a low level traverse across the
Raynman Area boulder. It pretty sequency and really nice climbing and should go at about Font 6b+, but I'm not the best at grading. Anyway constant climbing has made my fingers sore but the balm is helping them to rejuvenate.

Only got out one evening this week with Jamie and Jake, back up to Panorama. we were climbing some easy problems at the far Eastern end when we heard the farmer; "GET OUT, NO CLIMBING NO CLIMBING". So we left, but I'll have to go to chat to him some time re the new guide.

A few minutes later we were at the West end, where the land owner is a nice old chap that showed interest to the climbing on his land. So we got on Phoenix wall, it's nails, Andy Crome on Phoenix wall,
I had been trying it before Andy did it, but he got their first.

Saturday we went sailing on Grimwith resevoir, fe
ck that was cold and wet. It was back to winter and were we glad of Hot Chocolate.

Sunday was a nice local walk and Sunday Up dale day at Middlesmooor, couple of photos below, none of climbing though.

Today I planned to go to Earl with Ben for cornwall, it pissed down!
Updale Day