Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy New Year, well yes it's a bit late but the weather has been shite, Christmas has been and gone and other than the wall I've climbed feck all.

Then today came, still, cold and sunny perfect conditions to get on the grit. But first I had to sort Big Franks Lock Up out, that's my council garage. What a load of crap has been chucked in there. Anyway after a trip to the tip and the scrap yard (got £8.64!) it was off t'Cliff.

Conditions were good, not excellent and the grippiest rock was in the shade where it was cold.

The usual warm ups were on Low Man. then some flailing led to more flailing on the traverse into Morrells wall, still I bumped into a few folk I know and had the crack. Then onto Wall of Horrors Traverse for more flailing.

The big reward however was the great sunset.