Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Found rather a good little video of Font on youtube, after all it's getting near the time to get psyched for Bouldering, especially those who have a font trip on the cards!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Oh Yeh

Took this photo of two old timers a week or so ago. They'd just climbed Cubic corner at Brimham and were sat chewing the fat. Speaks for it's self really.

Rain, Rain...

Well today it did and tonight it was off to Ilkley Quarry.
Met up with Jamie the vegetarian Welsh sheep farmer, he's quite new to this climbing lark.
I led him up Napoleon, not done that route before and on a hot sunny evening polished quarried grit is bloody hard word. That said I think it was hard for the VS 4c grade!

Al turned up with his mat when I was on the Josephine ledg; "So we're not bouldering then".

Then it was Jamies lead, or as it turned out fiasco on a multi pitch grit severe. nuff said, but the post climbing beer ib Ilkley tasted good.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Here's an old video, quite good. Oh it's me; )

A tricky low traverse avoiding the lagre break above.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Beyond the worls cup!

Well with all the excitement of international football and the demise of the mighty England from the world cup I decided to go climbing amongst other things.

So it's been the usual lunchtime bouldering down at the mighty West Chevin, though recently we've been going to the lower level boulders.

Then there has been the usual flurry of sport climbing at Trollers Gill, need to get back there a get the horrible short intense 6c+ on the right side ticked.

Also there has been a bit of easy trad climbing at Brimmers.

Family wise probably the best thing last Month was a trip to Go Ape at Dalby forest.

Go Ape from Fran Holland on Vimeo.