Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Been a bit shit updating the Blog!.. sorry.
Tonight I had half an hour to spare before the sun went down, so a brief trip to Whitehouses to catch up with Jon.

Been out a few time to Caley and Almscliff, mainly with Ian. The highlight was ticking New Jerusalem, though I used the short guys method which seams a lot easier than the cross through.

Still beavering away at the traverse into Morells wall at the cliff. Also I had a dream about Steve's wall, could that be a sign. It's one of those problems that looks quite easy, which generally means it will be nails.

Well I have quite a lot on my tick list at the moment, and a little ambitious, but a faint heart never ...

Anyway I've recorder a short video re the balm. It's a brief intro to the Balm.