Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A quick trip to Caley

Last Sunday morning was 'welcome back to Rugby!'. Well my lad Max is in the under 12's at Wharfedale RUFC, a fine club with fine tradition. For me that means several months on the touchline scoffing bacon and egg butties with mugs of hot coffee. Oh if only Mountain Equipment would invent the Touchline Jacket.

But also Chris was up from Bristol to see Jon, so I was keen to catch up, after all it's been a couple of years since out last trip to Fontainebleau. Well I took off for Caley to meet them as soon as I could...

All the usual banter and some good bouldering followed, the highlight for me was doing Creme egg eliminate 1st time.
Here's an old photo of me doing the crux hand swap;

Then it was down to flail on the Horn Left hand, though Chris was rather impressed with the echo. Just stand about three feet away and try it.
Jon on his usual form did all three problems, bit of a show boater I say ;-)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

No Skin!

What a good week, though not actually achieved a right lot. On Monday I was the lone representative lunch time boulderer at the mighty Bas West Chevin. Actually doing laps on 'Eat the light'!!!, but we did get out another two lunchtimes.

Thursday evening we met up with Jon aka www.yorkshiregrit.com , at The Cliff. My latest project is the L-R traverse into Morells wall. Christ that pocket is hard to hold. But I will.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Bonjour, well there's a clue to why it's all been a little quiet. Though I have been back for over a week now, yes a slack bastard.

I only had one days climbing but boy it was an excellent, this is one area that's little heard of just south of Angoulême in Charnte. The climbing here is pocket pulling and powerfull single pitch sport climbing on perfect French limestone.

Though I only had one day there I thought the grading was either full on sandbaging or pretty steady. We chose a sandbag for the 1st route. 5+ my arse, easy satrt then a limestone slab in the sun proved quite interesting, but we did it...